3D-Bryn Microblade

Perfect brows everytime

Natural brows that give your face that little extra

If you want a pair of brows that are just perfect all the time that everyone thinks are completely natural, then you’ve come right!

We measure the brows so they fit you perfectly

We measure the brows in relation to what your face looks like, this means that your new brows will have the perfect shape for your particular face.

Pain relief for a better experience

We have FINALLY found the best pain relief for microblade, when you come to us you can sit down in our waiting room with stunning salve while you fill in your customer card. When you come in to us, we put on additional pain relief before we start, all to make the whole experience as good as possible for you.

Some Of My Work

My goal is always to make a natural brow that accentuates your features and gives you an intense and intense look


Here’s how to take care of your new tattoo!

If the wound fluid is to be bathed in the tattooed area with saline, do not expose the newly tattooed area to water pressure in the shower, for example.
Apply a thin layer of healing ointment as soon as it feels as if the area is dry during the first week and sporadically during the second week.

Do not apply any makeup to the tattoo itself during healing, it may cause color changes or infections.

During the first week you should avoid sun, swimming, sauna and staying long in the water.

During the first 6 months you should avoid intense sunbathing, always use sunscreen as sun bleaches your tattoo.

Before the crust falls off, the color will be darker than the end result and then become slightly lighter and stabilize only after 3 weeks. be afraid of the crust, you help to pull off it there is a risk that the color comes along, the crust falls off by itself after 3-7 days. The ointment helps if it itches or feels stiff, it is great if you try to keep it as soft as possible throughout the healing.

After 4-6 weeks you fill up the tattoo, remember that the final result is not visible until after 3 weeks.

In general, healing heals as a scratching wound and heals from within.