Acupuncture for pain!


Acupuncture for pain

Acunova or “modern acupuncture” is a Danish method that was founded in the 1980s, today it is one of the world’s largest acupuncture methods and founder John Boel travels the world to teach, including China.
I have been treating patients since 2012 and have had fantastic results on pain, migraines etc.

What To Treat With Acunova

Listed below are some of the most common forms of treatment I use with 

Acupuncture, but there are of course many more. My main focus is on

 pain in the body and that is what I treat best!

Tension headache / migraine

One of my specialties is neck and head pain, many fall into this category and I have had many cases over the years. With only four needles, I can treat specific areas of the neck and head.

Knots and tense muscles

In some cases, massage is not enough to loosen up the tense muscles, as it usually does the trick to combine the massage with an acupuncture treatment.


Elderly muscles in the muscles may need help getting started with healing, with acupuncture you can trigger healing and thus reduce pain and stiffness.