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Sometimes you need to give the body some extra care

Hair mineral analysis (HMA) is a test method in which the body’s minerals are measured in relation to each other, as well as in relation to heavy metals. These mineral patterns can give many answers about our health. Each person who does a hair mineral analysis is given a unique treatment program to rectify the mineral imbalances that could be measured in the analysis.

Hair contains minerals and also other substances. Among other things, hair has been used by authorities and researchers to measure, among other things. doping and hormones such as cortisol. The hair reflects which substances, and in what amounts, have been found in the hair follicle as the hair grows out. Several factors affect the amount of different minerals in the hair. These factors also affect the nutritional status of the body, which in turn is reflected in the hair. Therefore, it is possible to identify and link metabolic activity with health conditions that are going on in the body by means of a hair mineral analysis (HMA).


Hair mineral analysis 1995: –
This includes sampling as well as 1 hour consultation time when the samples come back.

An HMA Analysis Can Answer The Cause Of Many Health Conditions:

– Permanent fatigue
– Physical exercise that does not produce the expected results
– Suck for chocolate or other foods
– Reduced sexual desire
– Sound sensitivity
– Difficulty getting pregnant
– Sleep problems
– Unable to relax
– Severe PMS
– Nutritional imbalances
– Toxic load
– And much more!

3 Reasons To Do A Hair Mineral Analysis

1. Reduce hormonal disorders
2. Find causes of fatigue and fatigue
3. Discover what is behind diffuse symptoms