Bryn And The French

That little thing that does so much!

Dyeing French & Brown

We all perform the color and shape of lashes and brows at the salon and it is great to combine with another treatment. For example, a facial or when you sit with color in your hair.

Fringe & brown color incl. molding SEK 420
French color SEK 320
Brown color incl. molding SEK 320
Brow shaping SEK 290

Lash Lift

A fantastic treatment that has taken the beauty industry by storm, lash lift bends up your own lashes so they give the impression of being fuller and longer. This is a method that is incredibly gentle on your lashes but gives great effect!


Lash Lift SEK 650
Lash Lift incl. French color SEK 750
Lash Lift incl. brown & French color SEK 850