Hair Care

Organic Hair Care

We work with the best products on the market, both for the environment

and for your health, but not to thwart the results. We are always looking

for better alternatives and with us you can dye your hair with 100% herbal

 color but also new age color.

Newage paint is what you call the traditional color that has received a lift and you have removed the elements that are considered most environmentally and health hazardous. You have then obtained a hair color that gives the same results as the traditional color but which is much gentler for both you and the environment.

Herbal staining has existed among us since ancient times and today there are many salons as a fantastic ecological alternative to dyeing.

Bleaching is a trixical issue, if you want that bright swell, there are unfortunately not many alternatives to bleaching.
We are always working to try to find the best options for you and the environment.


Cutting550 SEK
Child cutting (0-4 years)SEK 390
Child cutting (5-12 years)SEK 490
Lever cutting790 SEK
Only bottom colorSEK 990
Color short hair1190 SEK
Color long / thick hairSEK 1390
Balayage or extra advanced coloringSEK 1590
Loops incl. shade1390 kr
Trails incl. shade long / thick hairSEK 1590
Permanent short hairSEK 1290
Permanent long hairSEK 1890

Herbal Dyeing

We also offer 100% natural herbal tinting, this color the hair in a very gentle way in harmony with nature. It is vegetable hair color wraps around the hair strand like a movie. In this way, your original hair color determines your individual color result. A composition of henna and other plant colors as well as vegetable care agents gives the hair color brilliance, shine and volume. Contains no synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives.
Herbal dye short hairSEK 1350
Herbal dye long hairSEK 1590


Less than 25 loops75 SEK each
25 Loops1750 SEK
50 Loops3550 SEK
100 Loops5250 SEK
125 Loops6250 SEK
150 Loops7550 SEK
Turnover750 SEK / hour
Hairtalk tape hair
25 cmfr. 4850 kr
40 cmfr. 6550 kr
55 cmfr. 8950 kr
Single package
25 cm1500 SEK
40 cm 1950 SEK
55 cm2650 SEK
Turnover950 SEK /hour

Bride Dress

Naturally beautiful on your big day

We at Studio Green have a great passion for nature and the environment and have a green thread through all our treatments, we are hopeless romantics who want to make your big day unforgettable.We offer all preparations for skin, hair and makeup and tailor them to your wishes. Also, make sure to book yourself in on the skin-rejuvenating skin care treatment “Snow White”, which is adapted to make you feel extra fresh and beautiful on the big day
Package 1
Consultation hair
Consultation makeup
Easier consumption and drink
Price: 3650 SEK
Package 2
Consultation hair
Consultation makeup
Facial treatment 60 min
Easier consumption and drink
Price: SEK 4325
Price for individual treatments:
Bridal dress3100: –
Bridal makeup1050: –
Facial 60min850: –
Party set650: – / hour