Why Should We Eat Supplements?

One of the most common comments when I recommend a supplement is -no but I eat well! and I believe that, but I don’t think it’s enough anyway.
Today, most of us live quite stressful or active lives, which results in us consuming vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to a greater extent than we would in a quiet and quiet life.
We eat more semi-finished products that have a lower nutritional content, less fresh vegetables, root vegetables and berries that give us those fantastic enzymes that help break down the food so that we can absorb the nutrition we get from the food.
Once the food comes down to the intestinal system where a large uptake of nutrition occurs, a large part of us have a stressed gut flora, inhibited by coffee, pencillin cures and stress, so that the bad gut bacteria have a greater takeover than the good ones.

Today, it is also a high burden on the farmers to obtain the raw materials they produce and we are happy to stress the production of food to get as many harvests as possible per season. You also want to get as much out of each harvest, which means that you spray the fields with pecticides, which in turn kill the microorganisms in the soil that create the nutrient for the plant and make it more nutrient-dense.

The list can be long, but there are also things we can do to increase our nutritional intake in our everyday lives.
Eat raw foods of cabbage, beets or carrots every day – these serve as food for your good bacteria in your stomach.
Choose organic when you can – Not only because they have a slightly higher nutritional value, but also because you get a lower amount of pecticide.
Eat fruits, vegetables and berries every day so that you get nutrient dense foods but also those that are antioxidant-rich.
Reduce Coffee Consumption – Coffee inhibits the intake of several vitamins and minerals, and our intestinal flora is also affected by coffee.
Start your meal with vegetables -these contain enzymes and help digestion and thus increase the absorption capacity of nutrition.

I do not take supplements every day, but I always try to have periods where I boost my body with supplements and then I always choose nutrition that comes from fruits and vegetables. I think the uptake gets better when the body recognizes where it comes from.
During stressful periods I am extra careful that stress consumes more nutrition, right now I start my mornings with Supervitalis from Holistic and a teaspoon of Derma Collagen from Alpha Plus.
When I eat these, I feel that I get more energy and a more stable blood sugar and the biggest difference I notice on the hair that starts to grow like weeds and gets more lustrous. I have the knowledge that I know that nutrition does so much more for the body but when I feel or even see that things happen it is like a receipt to me that it works, that the body absorbs nutrition properly.

I have had many clients who did a mineral balancing after a hair mineral analysis and got rid of hair loss, fatigue, skin problems such as eczema and rashes and this after getting a good balance of minerals and vitamins.
It’s great to work with and help people!